7 Home Improvement Trends for 2021

With the Corona Virus rampant it has been quite difficult to think of home improvements. However, doing a bit of DIY in your home is just what you need to take your mind off what we are currently experiencing in the world. With this being said let’s dive in and have a look at what has been trending in South Africa for 2021 with regards to home improvements.

1.Multi-zone Kitchens

More Cooking space? Maybe this is something that has not even crossed your mind. However, now that everyone has been forced to stay home you might have gotten into a position where everyone wants to cook. Who says your Kitchen has to stay conventional. As we all had to adapt in this past year, why should our homes stay the same, they should be adapting with us to accommodate where we are at. So what does a multi-zone kitchen look like? W

A multi-zone kitchen is a kitchen that is designed to offer multiple cooking and preparation zones, as well as other features to make it easier for those who work from home.

It allows everyone to flow through the kitchen without interruption or dead ends. The installation of large islands that can handle a lot of prepping, chopping and space to have everyone in the kitchen without it feeling cluttered or that there are to many cooks in the kitchen. Create your spaces with multiple cooking zones that are set to allow multiple cooking tasks to take place simultaneously.


This might sound like a luxury, but why not? Become your wife’s hero and give her a space that brings the functionality of a bathroom yet the luxury of a spa. It is after all easier to have a spa in your home than having to go out and pay for one. With a few small changes, you can convert your bathroom into a space where you can soak off the day.

A few changes you can make is by adding soothing colors, scents and textures.

Remove you're old built-in bath and add a freestanding soaking tub instead.

Change your shower head to a bit rain shower head.

Add some candles and wine and you are there.

3.Home office Nooks

This one is no surprise. Most of us have been forced to work from home. In the past this would not even be on your list of spaces to upgrade or create, however now, your work has invaded your home and it should be a place where you feel productive yet be able to still knock off at the end of the day. Cause let’s face it; all work and no play makes us dull and depressed in no time.

Choosing the best space for this you will have to take a tour through your home and see what options you have available.

Things to take into consideration are noise level, amount of natural light, and ease of access to your other rooms.

Also, for a lot of businesses, this has become a permanent solution so when considering your space for a home office bare in mind that your home office is here to stay and therefore the space has to accommodate that.

4.Open Floorplans become Closed Floorplans

Before the pandemic for me having an open floorplan house was prime. Now however having my office at home as well as living space with children is no longer such a viable option.

If you are anything like me, you would not want to lose the open feel of your home. So how do you achieve this without losing that? Well, this would vary from home to home. But a few things you can consider are loose standing dividers rather than drywalling off a space.

Rearranging your furniture creates separate areas rather than separate rooms.

Playing with different colors and textures can also create separate spaces without having to close off.

If you are a book lover, using your bookcase to create a separate reading area is a great way to divide a room.

Before considering building and closing off sections in your room there are many different options available to have the feeling of different rooms without losing your open space.


Why did this make our list? Well as most offices have moved home, most of you make use of Zoom to do conferences, office calls, meetings, etc. So how do you convert your space from home backdrop to professional backdrop? Even though programs such as Zoom give you the option to have a background while you are on a call or to have no video. This is not always optimal.

Utilising your walls behind you to create an environment that reflects your home, you, and your professional capacity is the way to go. This does not have to be a major project or expensive change. In some cases just painting the wall, adding a nice light or plant, and removing clutter are more than enough to give you the desired look.


Windows allow light into your home and often when it comes to home improvements windows don’t even make it onto our list. However, because of the shift we had, it has become vital to visit the idea of improving your windows. Installing larger windows can lighten up your home and with more light comes warmth and life. A great way to utilise your window areas is to have little guilty pleasure corners. Places where you can just go and sit in front of a window overlooking the garden or even the buzzing of the city and enjoy a glass of wine, chocolates, or even that first cup of coffee for the morning.


A garden always features. And even though not everyone are great gardeners or even enjoys gardening. Most people love to spend time in a beautiful garden. In this time outdoor spaces have become more valuable than ever. Also, even if you are not a gardener by heart getting your hands in the soil is a great way to relieve some of the day's stress.

Be trendy and get DIY’ing. All of the trends mentioned above do not have to break the bank.

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