With the Corona Virus rampant it has been quite difficult to think of home improvements. However, doing a bit of DIY in your home is just what you need to take your mind off what we are currently experiencing in the world. With this being said let’s dive in and have a look at what has been trending in South Africa for 2021 with regards to home improvements.

1.Multi-zone Kitchens

More Cooking space? Maybe this is something that has not even crossed your mind. However, now that everyone has been forced to stay home you might have gotten into a position where everyone wants to cook. Who says your Kitchen has to stay conventional. As we all had to adapt in this past year, why should our homes stay the same, they should be adapting with us to accommodate where we are at. So what does a multi-zone kitchen look like? W

A multi-zone kitchen is a kitchen that is designed to offer multiple cooking and preparation zones, as well as other features to make it easier for those who work from home.

It allows everyone to flow through the kitchen without interruption or dead ends. The installation of large islands that can handle a lot of prepping, chopping and space to have everyone in the kitchen without it feeling cluttered or that there are to many cooks in the kitchen. Create your spaces with multiple cooking zones that are set to allow multiple cooking tasks to take place simultaneously.


This might sound like a luxury, but why not? Become your wife’s hero and give her a space that brings the functionality of a bathroom yet the luxury of a spa. It is after all easier to have a spa in your home than having to go out and pay for one. With a few small changes, you can convert your bathroom into a space where you can soak off the day.

A few changes you can make is by adding soothing colors, scents and textures.

Remove you're old built-in bath and add a freestanding soaking tub instead.

Change your shower head to a bit rain shower head.

Add some candles and wine and you are there.

3.Home office Nooks

This one is no surprise. Most of us have been forced to work from home. In the past this would not even be on your list of spaces to upgrade or create, however now, your work has invaded your home and it should be a place where you feel productive yet be able to still knock off at the end of the day. Cause let’s face it; all work and no play makes us dull and depressed in no time.

Choosing the best space for this you will have to take a tour through your home and see what options you have available.

Things to take into consideration are noise level, amount of natural light, and ease of access to your other rooms.

Also, for a lot of businesses, this has become a permanent solution so when considering your space for a home office bare in mind that your home office is here to stay and therefore the space has to accommodate that.

4.Open Floorplans become Closed Floorplans

Before the pandemic for me having an open floorplan house was prime. Now however having my office at home as well as living space with children is no longer such a viable option.

If you are anything like me, you would not want to lose the open feel of your home. So how do you achieve this without losing that? Well, this would vary from home to home. But a few things you can consider are loose standing dividers rather than drywalling off a space.

Rearranging your furniture creates separate areas rather than separate rooms.

Playing with different colors and textures can also create separate spaces without having to close off.

If you are a book lover, using your bookcase to create a separate reading area is a great way to divide a room.

Before considering building and closing off sections in your room there are many different options available to have the feeling of different rooms without losing your open space.


Why did this make our list? Well as most offices have moved home, most of you make use of Zoom to do conferences, office calls, meetings, etc. So how do you convert your space from home backdrop to professional backdrop? Even though programs such as Zoom give you the option to have a background while you are on a call or to have no video. This is not always optimal.

Utilising your walls behind you to create an environment that reflects your home, you, and your professional capacity is the way to go. This does not have to be a major project or expensive change. In some cases just painting the wall, adding a nice light or plant, and removing clutter are more than enough to give you the desired look.


Windows allow light into your home and often when it comes to home improvements windows don’t even make it onto our list. However, because of the shift we had, it has become vital to visit the idea of improving your windows. Installing larger windows can lighten up your home and with more light comes warmth and life. A great way to utilise your window areas is to have little guilty pleasure corners. Places where you can just go and sit in front of a window overlooking the garden or even the buzzing of the city and enjoy a glass of wine, chocolates, or even that first cup of coffee for the morning.


A garden always features. And even though not everyone are great gardeners or even enjoys gardening. Most people love to spend time in a beautiful garden. In this time outdoor spaces have become more valuable than ever. Also, even if you are not a gardener by heart getting your hands in the soil is a great way to relieve some of the day's stress.

Be trendy and get DIY’ing. All of the trends mentioned above do not have to break the bank.

The latest construction trends are becoming more and more eco-friendly. The focus is on sustainable design, which can reduce the environmental footprint of building materials. Lets dive in and have a look at some of the latest trends emerging in the Construction World

1. Passive solar building design

It's not for nothing that passive solar building design is such a hot topic in modern architecture. The benefits are many, and few other elements can match the advantages of this style of construction. Passive solar energy is the byproduct of taking one simple step: designing a structure to take advantage of its geographic location.

A passive solar building operates on the idea that some parts of a building will be sunny all day, while others will be shady for most or all of the day. By using this knowledge to your advantage, you can create three different types of zones within your home - shaded areas for coolness and privacy, sunny areas for light and warmth, and transitional zones where temperature adjustments can be made during different times throughout the day.

2. LEED certification

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is a certification program that evaluates the design, construction, and operation of buildings to increase energy efficiency.

There are many benefits to having a LEED Certified Building: cleaner air, higher property values, better employee morale, reduced operational costs.

As of December 2017 there are more than 4700 sites with LEED designation from 153 countries throughout the world.

3. The use of geothermal energy

Geothermal energy is heating and cooling that results from the natural heat of the Earth.

Geothermal heating and cooling is a sustainable way to regulate temperature indoors because it does not rely on fossil fuels or major electricity. The Earth's temperature remains relatively stable at 50-55 degrees because of its large mass, which retains heat and coolness.

Fossil fuels are used to produce electricity, which has many adverse effects on the environment. Geothermal energy can be used to generate electricity in a renewable way, with very few negative environmental impacts.

The use of geothermal energy can help us reduce dependence on fossil fuels and combat climate change by reducing carbon emissions.

4. Biophilic Design

We all know that nature has some therapeutic effects on us. Studies have shown that people are more productive and happier when they are in natural surroundings. This is what biophilic design is all about. It is important to keep the external environment in mind while making decisions about an office layout or designing a home.

Biophilic design revolves around the idea that humans are affected by their surroundings in a subconscious way. The idea is derived from the Greek word "philia," which means love, and "bios," which means life. Biophilic design includes bringing nature into the built environment, and hence, is also known as biomimicry.

5. The use of green roofs

Green roofs are a form of roofing that is designed to create habitats for plants and animals, mitigate stormwater run-off, and reduce cooling costs of buildings.

A green roof is a type of low-impact development (LID) that improves air quality by removing pollutants, reduces the urban heat island effect in cities, and provides habitat for animals and plants. They also offer many other environmental benefits such as reducing storm water runoff pollution, increasing insulation value to conserve energy use in buildings, and providing additional recreational space for humans.

Some of these have been around for quite some time, but are only now emerging and being used to reach it's full potential.

We live in a world where the supply and demand ratio for everything is out of whack. This is because of the ever-growing population of the world. While being a good thing that there are so many basic necessities available, the point to be noted here is that the prices have also increased to an extent that it is not possible for everyone to afford it.

By opting to buy your tools/hardware online one of the biggest drawing points is the fact that there are no overheads and we can supply the best possible prices. Not only do you save on your purchase but their are also a few other advantages to buying your hardware online. Lets dive in and have a look at those.

1. Doing your purchases through our online store is quick & easy

We have made it so easy for you to do your purchase. Simply click on the products you like, add them to your cart, add the quantities and proceed to checkout. Once in the checkout area you can remove, edit or change the quantities in your cart. Simplifying the process even further. You are able to make use of our payment portal whereby you are able to pay for your products via your online banking. Alternatively you can request an invoice and make a normal EFT payment.

Products are delivered to your door or collection of products can be arranged.

2. Shop 24 hours of the day

Living in our fast paced lives these days, one hardly has time to sit down and have a lunch. For this reason doing your shopping online makes it more convenient as you are not bound by the normal store hours, but can do your shopping after hours.

3. There is no need to waste fuel for a trip to the store

Another benefit of using our online store is saving on your fuel costs. There are so many required trips that has to be made during the day. Driving from store to store to find what you are looking for does not need to be one of them. With the wide range of tools we already have on our store, we can almost guarantee you will find what you are looking for.

4. Price

As mentioned earlier, because we do not have to pay overheads we are able to offer our products at most affordable rates.

5. Customer Service

We make it our mission to provide world-class customer service. We believe in going the extra mile and being available to our clients is one of our highest priorities. We strive to offer the best and fastest support. At our store you are most definitely not just another number, but a you are our client and deserve the best service not matter the size of your order.

In conclusion. The pros of shopping at Tip Top Tools far outweigh the cons. No need to run around from store to store. Let your fingers do the browsing while your feet get their well deserved break.

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